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Marshrutka runs every Thursday and Sunday from Washington, DC metro to Brooklyn, NY and JFK airport with a stopover in Baltimore, MD and returns the same day.

Like on the bus, you will share the ride with other passengers; like the cab, we pick you up at your house and drop you off at your final point of destination.


How does the shared ride work?

You give a small amount of your time, and share the ride with a few other passengers. We take you exactly where you need to go for just a fraction of the price you would spend in the cab.

Every Sunday and Thursday mornings, we pick up our passengers from Washington and Baltimore; and in the afternoon – from Brooklyn. The exact pickup time depends on how many clients we have that day. On these days we also offer transportation to JFK airport and other New York boroughs for an additional fee.

The whole reservation process can be divided in three easy steps:

Step 1. To begin, you give us a call and make a reservation. At that time you will need to provide your travel dates, name, phone number, pick-up address, and destination address.

Step 2. Then we contact you the night before if traveling from DC/Baltimore, and the same day late morning if traveling from New York with your pickup time frame.  Please make sure that you are completely ready to go at the beginning of your scheduled pickup time window, so that you will not keep other passengers waiting!

Step 3. Hop on and enjoy the ride. 

Try us out and you will not regret it!


Standard price list




Montgomery County* - Brooklyn (most places)



Baltimore (most places) - Brooklyn (most places)



Montgomery County* and Baltimore - JFK


Please call***

* For the rest of Washington Metro, the price may vary, but not dramatically. 
** The fare from Washington and Baltimore to JFK is $70 per person (if you have one piece of luggage). With increased amounts of luggage, the fare can be slightly increased. 
*** We can also meet our passengers at the various New York airports depending on our availability. The price may vary.